Extreme Bibliophile Declaration

I may have a slight obsession with books.  Okay, if I am to be honest it is a huge obsession.  The only time it really becomes an issue is on moving day and, in turn, unpacking day.  All the other days of the year are blissful moments spent discovering new authors and their wonderful stories.

Anthologies, blogs, Twitter, all wonderful places to find new authors.  Wandering the rows of books at a library book sale or the shelves of a bookstore brings the excitement of Christmas morning every time.  Will intriguing cover art draw my eye?  Perhaps an author I respect has written a blurb now prominently displayed on a new release.

Every week I am bringing in more books than I have a chance to read but that never stops me from seeking out more.  Having choices readily available means I can explore exotic lands and meet new people without ever leaving my cozy chair.

I am proud of my extreme bibliophile ways.  Books make me happy, it is that simple.