Interview with Books Abound

Holy cow, I was interviewed!! Now I read need to step up my blogging game :). Happy reading.

S.C. Flynn

I’m speaking with Shana of BooksAbound. Shana is an extreme bibliophile who spends every spare moment surrounding herself with books.

SCy-Fy: Shana, you have recently started something new, haven’t you?

BA: Yes, a monthly column at Luna Station Quarterly called Beyond the Front Tables where I highlight small and independent presses.

SCy-Fy: Congratulations! That fits well with what you are trying to do with your own blog, doesn’t it?

BA: That’s right. There are so many SFF bloggers out there already doing wonderful reviews, so my focus is less on book reviews and more about sharing my love of books and stories. What I want to see my blog become is a place where I can highlight SFF short stories and SFF works in translation. Short stories have led me to new authors time and again and I find them wonderful entry points into a particular author’s style or…

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