So many books, so little time; and that is a-okay.

Everyone is already knee deep into their reading plans and lists for 2015 and I am still thinking about all the books and stories I missed in 2014. And every day I learn about at least six more titles I missed last year. I was beginning to stress about how I was going to possibly keep up when I realized that was really an impossible dream.

With that in mind I have decided to dedicate this next year to back list reading (with a few exception here and there for debuts I am sure). I am going to peacefully enjoy books that have been out for who knows how long and joyfully share them with those around me.

As for short fiction, I am planning on subscribing to numerous journals, magazines, etc. so I can read more current than I will be for novels. For me, and I mentioned this previously on Twitter, short fiction is my gateway drug into an author’s work. If a short piece suck me in, I am hooked for life. I will seek out anything and everything they have written looking for that high again.

You could almost say I am obsessed with short fiction. I adore anthologies and an author’s collection, I own dozens upon dozens of them and am always buying more. Short fiction to me is addictive because it gives you that brief glance through the window before the author closes the curtain. You want to know more, you need to know what happened next, so you read on.

So, while my TBR pile morphs into a mountain, I shall sit back and just enjoy the reading ride never quite catching up.


2 thoughts on “So many books, so little time; and that is a-okay.

    • Right? I am so behind already so I am just going to enjoy it stress free.

      I am really excited about exploring back lists and possibly finding debuts from last year and before that were overlooked!

      Thank you for the recommendations! I think I will add Locus magazine, Fantasy & Science Fiction, On Spec and possibly Galaxy’s Edge?

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